Nathan Peacock


Content Production Specialist


Nathan has worked in video, lighting, audio for live and virtual productions for over 10 years. Previously an AV Technician in Canada and internationally, this world of hybrid events merges multiple passions to coexist with excellence. As an editor, camera operator, lighting designer for video, content creator, and audio recording specialist, he has the ability to understand and elevate the productions we have him work on.

Having a well rounded skill set across multiple production areas has made him an integral member and supporter of the team here at PEAK. When virtual productions first started to take hold and dominate in the year 2020 he focused on bringing all he could to help us raise the bar as we continued to deliver spectacular shows to our clients.

As a form of continued professional development, Nathan regularly partakes in on location shooting of TV shows and commercial video, graphic design, live streaming educational discord events, RPAS piloting, and more nuanced film and TV post production finalizing.

A regular contributing member of Team PEAK since early 2020, Nathan is continuing to bring value to you, our clients, with each and every challenge we overcome.

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