Christoph Mayer


CTO & Creative Director


Christoph Mayer is a live event production management specialist.  Christoph’s 27 years of experience in the event technology industry has taken him around the world multiple times and had exposed him to almost every facet of the event industry.  Starting his professional career, Christoph travelled the world as a Senior Production Manager aboard some of the worlds largest cruise ships overseeing teams up to 25 technicians with an around the clock schedule. Further, into the cruise industry he spent a year living and working in Italy where he was managing the outfitting of the entertainment areas of two new cruise ships for Princess Cruises.   For the past decade, Christoph has worked on many noteworthy events from being on the road with John Fogerty (CCR) or touring with the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay.  Most recently Christoph has been a production manager for the Ride to Conquer Cancer events across Canada for the past seven years as well as many music festivals and large scale corporate events for Mercedes Benz, Quadra Chemicals, Gusto, and Unbounce.Most of Christoph's time is bnow spent as the Creative Director for PEAK, helping our internal team and clients create immersive and impressive events.

In 2016 Christoph along with two partners start PEAK Technologies and have quickly grown the small client list to an international silver bullet using the simple philosophy of "Creativity and Customer Service above all else" .

Christoph has since moved back to his home town of Penticton where he grew up and is ready to reconnect with his community. Growing up his family owned one of the only running and swimming stores in Penticton and was always heavily involved with Ironman throughout the ’90s.  For three Summers Christoph ran a billeting program helping foreign athletes find local families to stay with during Ironman as a way to help support the event in his own way.  In the final days of Ironman, Christoph was the Production Manager for the technical production of Ironman, supervising all the audio, video and lighting for the site for three consecutive years.  

Christoph brings to the table a unique view on managing events from the technical production side but also brings along his years of management and relationship building that have come with it.  

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