Brendan Cuff


Production Manager


Brendan has been working in the event production industry for over a decade and has traveled around the world while doing it. Brendan excels in both the Lighting and Rigging fields, taking on many large projects working with a variety of different clients and companies. He has managed a number of high-profile events throughout North America, while maintaining a successful working relationship with his clientele and working teams.

Starting off his career he found his passion for live events at a young age putting on shows for his family, although not realizing he could make a career out of it until he was in College. Brendan enrolled and graduated the Stagecraft and Event Technologies Program from Douglas College and immediately took his skills to dive deep into both Lighting and Rigging where his enthusiasm for creativity blossomed and gave him a substantial base into managing all aspects for live events.

Brendan’s core capabilities along with a successful, accelerated career path has led him to earn the role as Operations Manager of PEAK Technologies, Burnaby.

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