Adam Lewis


Director of Sales


Adam has a 25-year background in Event Production and joined PEAK as our Director of Sales at the beginning of 2020. From humble beginnings as a young man; running a local DJ service - to today; helping to produce world class Experiential Activations, Conferences, Festival Stages and more recently, diverse Virtual Productions. He has managed hundreds of complex, multi-layer projects, many with unique thematic elements and challenges.

Adam is the primary contact and account lead for many of our clients. He is known for his dedication to his client’s objectives and is relied upon to ensure a comfortable and positive experience throughout the pre-planning, execution and follow-up of any project. Adam values building client partnerships and long-lasting professional relationships. He is often the first to hear (or provide) those crazy, creative, dream ideas and is known to have thoughtful solutions toward making those dreams a tangible reality.

Adam’s diverse portfolio includes projects for ASTOUND Group, SALT XC, Molson/Coors, Monster Energy, Live Nation, Automobili Lamborghini, Porsche, Merlin Entertainments, Insomniac Events, Coca Cola, Blizzard Entertainment, Stryker, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, and several other world class organizations.

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