Covid-19 policy

General Guidelines

Peak Technologies works to meet or exceed the recommendations and orders provided by Government Authorities and, as a result, this document is subject to change during the global pandemic. Peak Technologies will have a maximum occupancy in order to assist in the physical distancing requirements of six feet within its facilities and on location worksites.

Please DO NOT congregate in hallways or points of egress. If a hallway or stairwell is occupied please wait until it is clear, do not try and pass. Masks that cover both the mouth and nose are required anytime you are in a common area unless you are alone. Maintain a minimum 6' distancing, even if it is just in passing. All staff are to follow appropriate hand and respiratory hygiene (ie. Masks) and includes frequent hand washing and sanitizing.

Avoid touching your face and cough or sneeze into your elbow or a disposable tissue when possible. Working from home is recommended when physical presence onsite is not required.

Self-Assessment guidelines:

In an effort to help keep fellow employees/clients healthy and to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19, every employee must complete a self-assessment prior to coming into work. This assessment includes the following:

Taking your temperature to ensure you don’t have a fever and checking yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. If you find you have any symptoms do not come into work.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Start of Day – When you first arrive at work, please wash your hands IMMEDIATELY. If you are the first to arrive, ensure hand sanitizer is present at the entrance, in the bathrooms and kitchen areas. If it isn’t, notify your supervisor to ensure it is replenished before the remainder of employees arrive.

Ongoing Measures – It is important to reduce surface transmission within the entire facility. When using the shared kitchen area or workstations wash your hands prior to touching anything. You must also wipe down all surfaces you have touched prior to leaving the room. Do not use reusable glasses or water bottles – use disposable paper cups or fresh drinkware that can be refilled. Practice good hand and respiratory hygiene throughout day. After washroom use, wash your hands and wipe down touched surfaces. Please use isopropyl alcohol and paper towel for surface cleaning. Door handles, switches, switch plates, keyboards or control surfaces, and any other commonly touched surfaces need to be sanitized daily.
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