Ride To Conquer Cancer – Toronto

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation


The Ride to Conquer Cancer series of events takes place across multiple cities and is the largest event of its type in Canada. The planning for an event of this scale, with multiple event sites across 100’s of kms, takes a large team of experienced project managers and dedicated crew to manage all aspects of both the lead up to the event and its execution. Over the past decade, our team has been able to efficiently provide logistical support and all production needs for this event and its associated events across multiple countries and continents.

the ask

To provide Audio Visual support and management, logistics, permitting, onsite labour, staging, power distribution and heavy machinery rentals internationally for all Ride to Conquer cancer events.

what we delivered

  • A start line structure with two opening ceremonies stages and multiple LED walls
  • Finish line with multiple LED walls and sound reinforcement
  • Audio/video support for 3 separate sites across 200km for up to 6000 attendees
  • Power Distribution for catering, production, medical facilities and almost 100 event tents
  • All permitting for electrical and structural components of the event
  • Provided heavy machinery, generators, personnel lifts and light towers for all sites
  • Provided trucking of equipment between cities and event sites
  • An efficiently laid out site for the best attendee experience

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