Stage Lighting, Video displays and audio are the core technical elements of any live event. They are the conduit for your message to a large audience. Production can strike emotion through color palettes, sound, visuals and atmospheric effects. We position cutting edge, strategic technology solutions that wow the senses, dazzle minds and most importantly, engage.

Technology and capabilities

  • Lighting for Film, Concert, Corporate, XM, Custom LED Projects
  • LED Video Wall
  • LED Pixel Video Product
  • Projection and Video Mapping
  • Hologauze
  • TV’s, Touch Panels, OLED
  • Audio for Concert, Corporate, Film, Distributed Install

Lighting for Film, Concert, Corporate, XM, Custom LED Projects

Lighting design is where PEAK began, and is an important component of every event. PEAK also provides speciality lighting for trade shows, multi day outdoor and weatherproof applications.

LED Video Wall

Anchoring messaging and visuals at most large live events, you’ll find LED Video wall. PEAK stocks and supplies many types of LED Video product; from tradeshow specific sizing, outdoor products, curved/stepped designs, 90 degree seamless edges, and other specialty LED wall equipment

LED Pixel Video Product

Limitless design potential. PEAK stocks and provides many types of LED Pixel product such as; tubes, strips, clusters and individual nodes. We create LED art with you, by affixing LED products to 2D and 3D structures. Massively custom applications and install potential.

Projection and Video Mapping

Bringing life to inanimate objects, projection mapping is a crowd favorite. Projection mapping has extreme potential as a medium. Content drives the experience. With the correct projection product and a controlled lighting environment, anything can be done. From small scale sculptures to full skyscrapers, anything can be your canvas.


Becoming the go-to for holographic projections; Hologauze has changed the dimensions of what is possible in video. Controlled lighting and the right environment is very important, but Hologauze has made it possible to display realistic 3D projections as if they are floating in front of the audience in real space. It needs to be seen to be believed.

TV’s, Touch Panels, OLED

Bezelless TV’s, video matrix displays, confidence monitors. Speciality product such as transparent OLED and integration of touch devices of any size including IR and touch sensor overlays.

Audio for Concert, Corporate, Film, Distributed Install

The science of sound is something our audio engineers take very seriously. We will help to determine coverage areas, hot spots and plan wireless frequencies well before any event. With decades of experience, we ensure flawless and high quality reproduction of the source audio. From high output concert systems to background music at a trade show, we fit the solution to the need.